....where's its sting

My weekend was quite an interesting one.i could say!! at the moment I am in luv with one of my cultural attire omg! I hav learnt the art of tyin the ‘head-tie’ usually refered to as ‘gele’ and I love it. I tied n tied this weekend boy was it fun!
My beautiful one was laid to rest finally on Saturday, got to the service very late no thanks to my dad!!!! still it was a beautiful day, not rainy n not too sunny either. The service was em long but then it was for her so I didn’t mind at all. I was really sad as I watched the gravediggers pour into the grave red sand over the coffin, in our strange life people come and people go, we miss some, and for others we are superbly glad. On sunday my mom found out she lost a very dear cousin of her’s to the cold hands of death. I think my year has been strange so far, she was very sad n nothing I said would cheer up
Funny the leech lied again to my dad about travellin on Friday, well on Sunday I made my mom go with me to my own place of worship and after the service in a bid to catch up with my uncle I passed another way outta the church and then we saw her walkin with her friend ha! They both greeted my mother, when we passed by my ma had to asked me who it was that greeted her so she wld b sure she wasn’t seein things………..we both had a good laff about it n told my dad later on, he def wasn’t impressed………he been played for a fool……lmao! That’s jus simply annoying!


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