the year i was 25

i'm so sorry
i haven't been too busy
instead i have been to lazy... well to type
i have been watching movies, series etc, but to type err...

so 2010, is over just like that.
January to June, July to today
it has been what has been

i am grateful for life once again, 365 days or was this year a leap year?
it was the year i was 25...

the year i was 25, My grandpa has been dead for 2 years now
i wonder what it could have been if he was here...

the year i was 25, i stopped drinking coca cola
funny, now i am clean, trying hard to drink a lot of water now

the year i was 25, i really got depressed... like so depressed
thank God for Mercies, i am learning and i love learning

the year i was 25, i felt a lump :) twas in-growing-hairs, i heard a sound, twas the muscles in my right ear acting up...

the year i was 25, i lost my crown, my tooth, well now technically i chew with one side of my mouth...

the year i was 25, i travelled thru 5 cities in one night by bus... twas crazy and nice. Got on a wrong/right train too... i did a lot of travelling...

the year i was 25, i got a blackberry, abde and i haven't bought a phone card since March...

the year i was 25, i learnt a secret about my family, or was it not a secret... they don't know that i know what i know.... but i know ;)

the year i was 25, i got rejected from animation school and into art school... i've been working on my life drawings...

the year i was 25, i got my first easel, really beautiful, i was on a queue for over 3 hours just to get the winsor & newton lovely

the year i was 25, i met some really good people, made new friends and held on to my good ol'friends... the library was somewhat fun esp the latter part of this year

the year i waas 25, i have learnt how to draw closer to God and simply be grateful. I have also been learning about sorrow and adversaries the Biblical way...

the year i was 25, different things happened, it was a unique year in it's own way. i did a lot of growing up... i did a lot of learning and i did a lot of thinking... ithink

it has been a grand year i couldn't ask for anything less... Lord i am thankful
“Gratitude is a quality similar to electricity: it must be produced and discharged and used up in order to exist at all.”- William Faulkner

i may not know what 2011 h0lds in store for me
but i know that in 2011, i will not be eager to copy the behavior and customs of this world, but i will let God transform me into a new person each day, by changing the way i think. Then i will learn to know God’s will for me, which is good and pleasing and perfect. {pulled that out of romans 12:2 new living translation}

bring it on 2011.................................................................


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