nice - dOeS nOt deFiNe me!

don't describe me as nice! i'm not just into the word.......

i seriously always wonder why people decide to decribe themselves as being 'nice' eagerly with painted smiles on their faces - pretentious stuff i tell you!!

here i go ranting again! well, today i was told i never have nice things to say to people.......duh! i don't go by the definition 'nice'


Myne Whitman said…
OK if not nice then what? I do hope you have good things to say about others if nice is too tame.

Have a nice...ok ok...great 2010!
Babawilly said…
Hi. Thanks for stopping by at my blog. What you said there was a nice comment na. Have a great 2010.
God bless
flygirlbidiish said…
@myne :-) dunno y - jus can't stand bein called nice
hi there @baba willy lol! - ur welcome,hav a lovely 2010 too

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