was walking home this evening, my feet were well beyond wet......i was wearing shoes....Aldo blowfish-like boots to lay emphasis........and i was over whelmed with real saddness
'i can't deal with wet and cold feet' i was moved to tears of self-pity....soon discarded.....had vi va la vida playin in my head thru finally, got home, got warm and lost the unhappiness.
m'head: why did you go out when it was snowing
m'self: promised i would get some stuff i had been workin on all weekend, printed
m'head: so, its cold and snowing girl
m'self: i will b home as soon...

last night on my way home i over heard two guys talking to each other
guy in the wine hoody hereafter referred to as GwH
guy in the fleece jacket hereafter referred to as Gfj

GwH: do u mean to say you are not a homosexual
me: my ears went all out mehn! cos they were behind me i slowed down so they could walk by my side
Gfj: chuckles
GwH:tell me tell me, are u or are u not homosexual
me: rrrrrright!
Gfj: chuckles
GwH: do u or do u not masturbate
me: ok!!!! on the streets of London what!? why!?
Gfj: chuckles
GwH: and when u masturbate doesn't feel right, so tell is it the left hand or the right hand
Gfj: chuckles murmurs stuff i don't hear or understand
me: ok zone out; what!!!! my hears have been hurt lol!!!

walk fast, moved on, crossed the roads, got to another side of the road...and then i hear "excuse me"
me: yea !?!
girl in the cold boots: hi!! please is argos anywhere around here?
me: oh yea just keep walking down, its not so far from here
girl in the cold boots: oh! i'm on the right road then
me: yes u are...
we walk at the same pace
and she's breathing heavily
me: tired?
girl in the cold boots: no i'm not...but for some other reason i'm just cold
me: today hasn't been really cold you kno it went down to minus two the other day
girl in the cold boots: i must have been at home when it was that cold
girl in the cold boots: and for some reason my boots are just cold...
the convo went on and on we got to argos
me: merry christmas, happy holidays and errything
girl in the cold boots: are you in imperial?
me:no, jus need to get something across and then home is that way
girl in the cold boots: o ok then bye!!!

getting ready for another round of the future awards!!!! have you been voting??? hav a good go


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