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Being a christian needs divine help. Funny I say that? A lot of people know what the bible says, christians and non christians. It is easy for other people - christians and non christians to expect you to act one way while they can't even imagine act in such ways themselves. What I mean is this,normally in life, it is easy for people to point fingers at you especially where you make a mistake, and they almost act like they are above these mistakes well till they fall. 'most times when they fall they have no buffer'. Ok where am I going with this yarns? 2 things
1. Attitude
2. Trust  

I am a christian...hence my opening paragraph (I have only always been a christian,pardon me if you have a different opinion). I read the bible and I learn a lot from the book of Proverbs. To me it's an everyday practical life sort of book. We are all individuals hence a mind of our own, the opportunity to choose--- what we want, what we don't want. This I think affects our attitudes in different situations and to different situations. I have learnt to be gentle... It isn't something you learn in one day or you learn suddenly because people call you christian. There other people non christians who are as gentle as doves and then there are 'christians' who are worse than the opposite of gentle. All I am saying is so many times we will avoid negative situations if we only took a bit longer to be gentle. He stepped me, he didn't do it on purpose but he did, then he apologised. All I need to do is smile and say thank you. Yes I am in pain...it will pass! I don't know his situation he doesn't know mine, his could be worse or mine could be worse but he has said sorry, many times sorry is even more than enough

2. Trust. Stumbled on this and I thought to share Jeremiah 17:5 (The Message)
"Cursed is the strong one
   who depends on mere humans,
Who thinks he can make it on muscle alone
   and sets God aside as dead weight.
He's like a tumbleweed on the prairie,
   out of touch with the good earth.
He lives rootless and aimless
   in a land where nothing grows.

This caused me to put on my thinking cap. It is so human to trust in humans.
As babies we were carried- we trusted we won't be dropped, while growing, we our parents to provide things we need... In some societies there's trust in the government. As adults we learn to trust in the 'going concern'. Where this trust is lacking there is bitterness.
Many times the so called advice and admonition of those around a man only make such man regress.
Don't confuse timidity with trust

Here I am... Just ranting my views... I wish people won't think themselves more highly than they ought to (myself included)
...'trust' me the world we live in will be a whole lot different


nice post I just had to explain to someone last week that being a xtian does not make me perfect, you can only try ur best

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