good wins

There is still some good left in this world...

I needed ginger, the best thing that happens to all my smoothies, so I decided to head to where I can get ginger from. I'm back in Lagos btw. 

I was also hoping to get it by the road side... 
Basically this was what happened.
 I parked next to a guy selling garden eggs, groundnuts and usoji out of a wheelbarrow. Beckoned to him and asked if he sold ginger turns out he didn't and asked how much I wanted. What he did next was amazing. He asked  the guy selling oranges to watch his goods and told me he will go into the market to get some for me. 

He got me the ginger. He crossed the road, went into the market and bought me ginger...

It has been a series of random acts of kindness for the past couple of days

There is still some good left in this world where people take the lives of others simply because of wicked thoughts, mindsets and ideas

Good wins

Ps: Always glad about the June rains and corn 


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