creativity street, a street way better than notting hill gate

I have had a my excited heart burst into a thousand butterflies intermittently this past sunday
Ayodel Arigbabu's Moremi, directed by Según Adefila is the cause.

A musical well written and well performed in the heart of Lagos.

I luveet when i see or experience the brilliance of people's creativity!!!!

So Ifa has a Facebook account, Esu wears air max and Ogun has 'merchandise' for sale on his website but they still speak in riddles.  A land where the elbow of the Akewe of the Ooni (Ooni=King, i.e. the King's announcer) is at a perfect 45 degree angle when he dabs, and Orunmila's son spits more bars than your current best rapper.

Where do i begin this review and not make it seem like I have been paid to favour this beautiful work of art?
With the little funds they had, they were able to produce beautifully crafted entertainment.

I really hope Moremi is well funded and it goes into one of the really big theatres in Lagos and Ibadan or better still the amphitheatre at Freedom park should also be improved on...

PS: Please a repeat is sooo necessary, Moremi has to be shown again again and pretty soon too. Time well used, money well spent.


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