.....tribute to the dead dog!!!!!

funny topic i choose this mornin.......tribute to the dead dog!!!!

alas the the dog which was hail and hearty when i started work here was killed by a hit and run driver. i saw the dog every mornin as i walked from the car park to the office buildin poor poor dog! it was full of life raggled lol!!! dirty and minded its own business......and then one evenin on my way back to the car park i saw its lifeless body ooooooo !!!! such a shame its life had been snuffed out by some schmuck!!!! but i'm sure yeah!!! i'm sure the dog has found peace somewhere wherever it is!!!!!!.......i hav jus the red sand that was used to cover the corpse, the vague memory of wot the dog looked like and this blog to remember the dog that was and now is no more!!!!

so yestaday at work i had nothin to do....i was pretty much BORED!!!! lol!!! jus did the usual on the internet n a little more

i think i'm gettin a tragus on my left ear ooo painful but cute!! after lol!!!!

so i left the office to get our usual cardboard pizza!!! from the usual cardboard pizza place n guess who i see when i get there!!!!!! ok i can't say that cos u don't know n therefore u can't guess!! anyways i see a friend's friend from skool...............we never spoke cept we prob only said a short 'hi' or a long 'wots up' ....well the dude used to stare and stare hard n that i don't like lol!!!i wave smile n say hi then i proceed to try to order or get the girl at the cash point to order for me eventually i do it BMS n then i step out to get my fones form the car......two of the workin ones......i hav 6mobile fones its crazy its killin n i hate it...they were honestly n truly dumped on me.....left to me i'll hav a fone i switch on only when i need to use the fone i'm so glad one is dead

ok so back to my rant! while at the car i 'wonder' wot in the world will i say to this dude! lol! i take my book n fones back into the cardboard pizza place n i ask nicely "do u stay around here? "......he says yup kinda...... n trys to push the chair across from him out for me!!!! so we end up talkin n i tell mister dude! i'm gettin a tragus lol!!! anyways we talk get our pizzas his first mine later and then wait a little cos his friend's meant to meet up anyhow sha while waitin by the car........btw i'm stil thinkin of a name for the car!!!........ i see baby monkey(the word 'baby' is said like 'crazy' in crazy monkey) !!!! my sista's friend we talk about the 'break-in monday' lol!!!!!

back to mister dude so his friend comes n we go n guess wot i am well acquainted with his "uncle n aunt" oh!! dear!!!! lol!!!! stay a little n all then i go
its all so funny n so is his friend...who's prety much funny
o! btw we support the same footie club lol!!!! my evenin so turned out funny

watched the interns as usual izzy came back to the hospital to spite everyone her $8700000 omg! burke thankfully put her in her place by tellin her nothin is fine n none is fine either!!!

dr bailey convinced a breast cancer lady to fight the cancer for her sake n her baby's n her husband's,meredith tells mcdreamy that she broke up with finn....lol!! sha tells him at a bad tym after he's had a rosh with his soon to be ex-wife......she tells him the truth bout she n mcsteamy! cos some patients who are meant to b dirvorced but were havin sex had to brought to the hospital.....the guy had a prince albert piercin n it got stuck in the ex-wife lol!!! after they were seperated the guy had a heart attack n burke n cristina did the surgery on it.oh yea there was this forum cos of the interns n dr bailey n dr burke and bailey had to answer some really nasty questions and at some point Alex jumped up to rebuke the guy who was sayin nasty things!!!other stuff happened i jus can't b bothered to remember

well the cardboard pizza had a lot of pepper which doesn't go well with my tummy annoyin nite i had!!!!! i'm so not getin that one anymore spoke to my newest snag!!!also!!! lol!!!!


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