the leech, esty and a couple of other sturvz

hmmmm!!!!!! <*heavy sigh> i'm seriously in need for SLEEP!!!!

anyways so many stuff has happened to simple girl like me since the last tym i blogged

methinks is friday ye ye ye!!! woteva

spent my saturday drivin all the way to..... in a lil of traffic tho......which was on the mainland so i took an express road n got o n the first available exit back into the mainland....yada!!!!

nyways i got a little job whose payment can add to my pocket money in london

............was so in the 'bloggin mood' but sleep seems to b the 'it' on my mind now i feel draggish

saturday was spent workin on wot i had been workin on since the middle of last week boring!!! jus some art work thingy!!!

anyhowz sunday needed to do a lot of stuff besides the leech used up all my internet units shit! ..... took the leech out btw on friday nyte jus to b really nice!!!! it was not a bad idea tho

any ways so i decided to password my silly laptop euk!!! hope i don't forget the password tho

had to get to my sister's tailor on sunday slept like .... sleepy one of the 7 dwarfs and .....

yeah some guy from past again calls up euk!!!!! i hate it wen some guys jus don't get the red light road sign....the end... gosh!!!! the dude jus called to simply word off!!! besides i was pretty much with nothin doin currently so i listened lol!!! ooomg!!!! i spoilt my cute black dress by droppin bleach on it n i didn't put in the universal solvent like immediately so ..... i hav to dye it tho i'll ad to my collection when i get to london sha

monday jus seemed dry besides i was refused a visa to the uk oops! ok reapply lucky i applied las month so i applied again sat near some dud dude sha! who sha wanted my number at all cost gave him tho buh-lieve me he'll soon stop callin psssh! anyways monday jus went by spent a long tym at work didn't watch numb3rs or house or wire-in-the-blood and yes i was secretly wishin for tuesday to come.......i'll say y in abit

so tuesday came n my ma says u hav to drop ur application today ok i do that n i don't get to work till pretty much late-----i.e-----30minutes to close tym lol!!!! due to the incessant road disturbances other wise known as......i'm like yarnin dust lol!!!

so i was hopin to see my friend's friend ------he has to get a new name cos now he's my friend lol!!!!! imagin i know his gramma quite well!!!!!! so i'm thinkin.....esty.....pronounced S.T.....cos back in college i felt he stared like alot which i mentioned and he goes on to say that twas probably cos i being me! was pretty......jus to make me feel good btw!................he is quite a weird one too the moment the dude who like fixes computers here is pisin my shins off!!!!!!! peerin into wot i'm typing and jus yarnin.......ballz!!!!.................

back to my yestaday.................u kno we spoke!!!!lol! i feel we are jus good friends .... tuesday friends.... smart dude never asked for my number... i won't call!!!! well sorry aboutt hat i'm jus not really a .... wotsits... calling /mobile fone carrier cept its for the purpose of an fm radio!!!

anyways u know the first thing he said {wen i walked into the eatery}...."u r kiddin me"................lmao!!!!! so here i am recreatin the statement......

  1. ok i stayed here a long tym n thot u hav already shown up

  2. i stayed here a long tym n i'm wonderin if u hav shown up

  3. i really didn't want to see u but since i hav ok then lol!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-}

i'm jus one funny girl so we simply talked n all till he had to leave btw the eatery was full of noisy young'uns saggin their pants n talkin lyk their tongues had coagulated oooo!!!! twas a site hahhaha!! i had a good laff wen esty left......had to get home awwww!!!!! btw i bought me a cd by the lady 2 peeps hav said i'm lyk its nice!!!!

oooooo i saw a dude from the past!!!!! sounds so funny i'm only a young girl of 22 so howzits i hav a past ...... any ways......i took of my glasses so i'm guessin he "recognised me" cos i saw'im a couple of years ago n he was actin all up like his eyes were now situated in his p#&*k lol!!!!!! did i say that.......that so nasty of ek!!!!{africaans for the personal pronoun 'I'}anyways got home tried to finish up some stuff slept off since i was tired had to leave the house on tym this mornin n now i need sleep!!!!!

don't people know its really rude to peer over other people's shoulders n when they turn to greet the people turn a don't say a word !!!!

by the way one of the guys at work got areested for bein an illegal agent.............he had bein collectin money from peeps claimin he'll get them visas to wherever n he got bamboozled lol!!!!!!!!!!!! poor dude mehn!!!! its the holiday season ooo n those hungry ratz will need money

well speakin of such stuff almost got ramped in the windscreen by a bent up lorry tryin to make an illegal u-turn this mornin, so silly guy being agressive n all scratched my car n i saw my good old friend ramzie also


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