keep the conversation going

The radio, the medium thru which conversation is on going and visuals are entirely in your head....ever thot of it that way before?

A couple of days ago, I heard on the radio how Arik air has now launched flights from Lagos and Abuja, to Dubai...
Instantly I thot MEDIOCRE! that imo, is the other name for Nigerians or the talents Nigerians have
*shrugs, choose one

Arik air has appalling customer service...many Nigerian companies do...
And this is due to the mentality of 'whatever goes' which we have
Bite me now,

My issue today isn't with the Airline provider, it is with a Bank

Access bank... more Access to 'Mediocre' if you ask me...
I have an issue with the customer service, the Physical and the Over-the-phone service...
Sigh, I have issue with the bank and I am only ranting cause
1. I can
2. So they can change, customer service is a good competitive advantage, sheesh that is no secret.... Every management book has that
Capitalize on this 

Currently part reading a book about brands and the part about brands being like a religion... Customers should have some deep sense of happiness in...

learn from Woolworths, here then gone now
Forgotten, remembered in case studies
Let change start with you, your customers are important and you employees are customers elsewhere
At this point Access Bank, I've got my mind made more contact centre calls, begone unbelief lol
The conversation has ended

  Service, yes that thing called service...
Make or Marr you
Access Bank...wash... and a total waste of my time
Time is money you know, and i have lost time and money involving myself with the bank
So long, farewell and all the best


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