i'm a happy customer

“When the customer comes first, the customer will last” - Robert Half

so i went off to barratts on my birthday...to buy a pair of boots...the mini ones i had before got wet due to the heavy snow from the 21st of december...they were fabric...
anyway i needed those pair of boots before i 'froze over' or lost my feet to 'frost bite' sha!
the first issue i had with them boots were the fact that they got wet in front so i went off to the shop...they offered me a new pair but i didn't want it...mind u i've got another pair of boots made with the same material and never got my feet wet
the second issue i noticed on monday the first of february: the left sole had broken into two unequal halves *throat clearing
now i was so unimpressed! gosh! if i bought them boots for less than the amount from some other 'less quality' product shop i'll won't be this bothered
so off i went to barratts this afternoon and asked nicely if other people had the same problem and if not, i will be obliged to shut my mouth and buy another pair of boots.
the manager was nice actually...2 things i probably over wore them...even tho i had not won them when the snow fell hard or the rains came pouring mercilessly...or other people who have bought them boots, live far away and can't be bothered to go back to the shop
anyway, the manager asked me to choose what i wanted and then return them faulty ones
pondered a while in the shop...i didn't really want anything there, them hush puppies i'ld have preferred had sold out in my size...
so i pondered, picked up, compared, put down... then finally decided to walk out of the shop with a 'zipless' pair of black leather ones.
the manager was nice serioulsy she should get a raise and applause and a holiday package paid by the company
off i went a happy customer...even tho i'll hav a tough time getting in and out of the shoes due to their 'ziplessness', and i'll never have a quiet move with them - the buckles just jingle with every step i take
i'm a happy customer!!

ps: i can't buh-lieve Alex Reid went on and married that babe....so not KOSHER!!!


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