milk, pepper and allergies

aaaaagh!!!!! don't u just love to eat the wrong stuff sometimes................geez i was enjoyin all the pepper i had last night it skipped my mind what would happen in the mornin

i thot i had it all covered before i left for work {i always seem to hav it all covered..........but it backfires!!} so took very milky cereal for about badluck

.................later my tummy was boiling over as in OVER!!!!! and my boss sent me out for the whole day honestly i didn't feel like being anywhere but home..................

slept all the way to the first place thankfully twas about an hour from work to the place then i was able to seat up but my head still hurts tho!!!!!!!
I hav a huge allergy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its really crawlin on me like venom in spider man!!!!!!

its STUPID questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm allergic to them

"so what are we goin to do?????????" ..................thats an example!!!!

that had better b rhetoric!!!!!! don't expect an answer!!!!!! instead "the LOOK" will b all that the 'asker' gets

so i went off to get my usual tuesday bogof pizza and i didn't see the manager today any ways there was this silly old guy adult who pissed me off ......people who can't jus wait their turns and are very impatient!!!!! piss off!!!!

so i order n i make sure it isn't one of the bogof specials n the really annoyin girl goes "blah de isn't...." euk!!!!! do i look like i care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok becos i don't, soooooo get me my order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wot everrrrrrrrrr

so i seat yea!!!!!!!! n then i read my book "a night with the King!" n then i don't look up at all till some really talkative mom comes to sit by my side n she's jus talkin euk!!!!!! ok all the while some two guys take the places on the table i am on n they try as much as possible to get me to look up saddly i don't!!!!!! i was in a freaky mood really!!!!!! cos of the girl n the adult!!!!! finally my pizza's ready n the guy opposite me stands n goes out i say thank u to the girl n i leave

n the guy walks up to me (finally i notice he's wearin a white tee n he's light skinned) n asks if i don't mind but he wants to take 5seconds of my tym to bug me.......3 questions.........why; do i look like i need to b bugged!!!!?? i ask back

on n on he goes he noticed i was engrossed in my book i said yes cos i didn't want to talk to any one, i wear my watch on my right n ....... i can't remember if he said a 3rd thing tho ooooo i think he was goin to ask something n i cut him off by sayin if he asks for my number i'll giv'im but i may not call n he goes on to talk about a person gettin weary of thats possible eh!!!!???!!! then he gets a call n i get to go home :-}!!!!!!!

ok he calls back when i'm home......................i don't totally hav the hots for this dude!!!!! he's right handed lol!!!! we support the same english club tho!!!!! we'ld jus b great friends.......................not even a crush!!!!

lol!!!! speaking about crushes i was readin about the crushes the girl whisperer has lol!!!!! in his article of sunday!!

yup i see the leech at the t.v. btw a good friend of mine says also that i should send the leech packin tho!!!!! she's secondin my sis n i know i they see each other {cos they kinda work opposite themselves} they'ld def talk about it n i think my sister assumes i hav sent the leech packing!!!!!

my club won their match saddly one other english club i really didn't want to win also won their match n all

oooo geez how some people try so had to be seen and how some people find it easy to ignore others!!!!!!
life is really a funny one after all!!!!!!!

my day was kind of different today tho!!!!!! strange i'll say


Anonymous said…
Ok, i'm the stranger you stayed up all nite talking to. But the truth be told, i hope i don't remain that any longer? I'm hoping wi become really good friends, and........?!?! You are an enigma! I guess i'll have to cut myself off here before i cross the barrier of no return. You are a special woman, Segun; and it is a great pleasure to have met you!


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