aaagh!!! wot is so my problemo!? per my heading!! i was re-readin old notes n i noticed i don't or didn't take my tym to edit my words n i have got a lot of wrong spellings n stuff that are sooo wrong n all.
so here i am screamin at me to be less silly n more serious!!!!
i hav found it so had to get this song......."in the end" by "linkin park" outta my head
so right now i'm listen to it...them!
..... late again this mornin!!!!! geez they'll think i luv doin it ......not that i don't like comin here late cos really ...... but its not a habit of mine to b late for stuff...... well this tym twas my dad who caused it btw he was on n on about something called get away club!
please do not referr to me as vain or proud becos of the next lines i'm about to put down jus that i hav to ......speak .....
i read one day,an article by some rich dude n he said some stuff .........tho i hav always thot about and supported some of the opinions he voiced out in the has to do with the poor or not so wealthy therefore limited education in all areas of life {book or home}.......
i'm talkin about how they spend their tym on makin "sex" a breeding act!!! ok i don't say the rich don't also..........say make a nonsense out of "sex" cos they also engage themselves in some silly unmentianable acts as well............ at this moment i'll face the poor or those below the middle class!
was lookin thru a national newspaper and a picture of little new born child that had been left for dead(and had also died tho) was in it................i really felt bad
why do these people bring these innocent little kids into the world for them to suffer!! they didn't ask for it!!!! but saddly they got it
they jus breed n breed n breed n breed n its disgustin
u see the mothers lookin haggered with about 5 kids tailin them (the difference in the years range from 9months to 2years) all lookin shabby n not so good
FINE!!! children are an inheritance! FINE!! children are gifts! but not FINE! when u make them suffer
having a lot of children is a good thing,once a man can support 9 kids n his wife can give birth to 9 then why not!!??
but having a lot of children and not bein able to support them is a bad!!! psst!!! very bad!!!!! and unfair!!! " a man who has 7kids not so much space between the kids n therefore deprives them of certain things will so be neglected n treated bad when the kids get older...............the poor kids are unkept,uncatered for, dirty(attimes hav mucus runnin out of their noses), not well-fed
the poor should be forced into child spacin or otherwise hav the numerous kids shipped abroad!!!!! no more unwanted uncared for babies!!!!!
spent my day at work bein some what bored again today.............i really need something new n spontaneous in my draggin laif!!!! oh! btw! my stranger asked me to b his date to some music video awards!!!!! lol!!!! at me n all the nemesis catchin up wit me hahaha!!!!:-) no wonder everything bores me!!! oo still i havn't spoken to borin bf tried!! callin the dude last nyte but he didn't pick up n i'm no whimp!!!**sayin that with too much attitude, so i'll rather say it than text it

I NEED TO STICK TO THE STATUS-QUO!!!!!! wot ever is my problem exactly


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