self pity is the skeleton key to self destruction!!!!!..................ok i jus made that up!

i live by rules;to others they are
too hard
too many
too stiff, rigid
too unfair(to them) etc....
to me ............ they keep me goin on track
well i'm a growin young i still break some rules,i get punished,i learn my lessons (some) i don't learn any lesson so i break again till i learn a lesson eventually
thanks for the seen and the unseen rules and laws guidin our sojourn on this earth otherwise our mission will be futile!!
tho i have the rules in place at times they hav to b bent to accomodate other people and other people's rules also.......... i'm also tryin to add new things to my "likes" list i hav to many dislikes n hates!!!!!! ........besides karma is one unseen law!!!!

the halitosis guy at work .............. he could b a character in one of the cartoons i work on!
pissed me off {tho he does everytime he opens his mouth, this was beyond the normal}
he asked me to lie for some mundane reason....................i don't even lyk him enuff to actually help his sorry self............lie for him!!!! dude did u get enuff sleep last nite?????

i'ld luv to go wine tasting and barrel tasting some day and also the beer fest!!!! jus to taste a little, see a little more n ......... whateverrrr! i just entered into an art logo design competition........i really do hope my designs come in handy
i'll b soo glad!!!!!
i'm gettin off work early today, my leg hurts besides a young girl needs adequate rest too


Anonymous said…
"Halitosis guy"? "Hair did guy", "Total stranger", baby, u seem to have a name for everybody and everything. It's a good way to speak in riddles sha. why don't u look to writing your own slanguistics dictionary? E40 did it.
Hope you do win or get shortlisted at the least in the logo competition.
Looking forward to looking at your drawings.
Be easy baby.
P.S: How's the army doing?

flygirlbidiish said…
lol!!! i can't write to save me!! actually
cept i wrote about myself ...which could become borin after a while
thanks i'm cool tho
hope u are also

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