....goodbye 2008

last day in december

dear 2008
i'm so glad to be able to say goodbye to you
it has been tough, honestly tough
we have had good laughs and long tears
we have had lovely times and crying times
the sad and down striken days and months,
the joys from lying out on the beach simply bein happy
the weeping from deep down in our hearts over loved ones who died

2008, you had equal number of sad times and happy times
but u know how humans are......i think whenever i had a happy time.....u made sure there was a sad one lurkin in place

there were days i just didn't want to end,
there were times i wished there was a reverse button
there were times i also wished a foward button existed
there were times i wished the bad dreams would go away so i could wake up to gladness
only that they were not bad dreams but real stuff

i am thankful for family, friends and the wonderful people that surround me
i am thankful also for life and health and strength
i am thankful for those who are resting now

i don't know what 2009 holds in store
but its going to be a new year,
new start, and different from you 2008

we'll never again meet, 2008. i'ld only have memories...
good bye to you

I am grateful to You dear Father,
for undying love, undeserved grace, wonderful mercies and favour

luv always,


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