... these past few days

this morning was officially my saddest ever morning this year
...no thanks to Lloyds TSB!!!!
had to get to Llyod’s bank and they really made an effort to spoil my day
thanks to Adrian Monk……..the dectective from the tv show the day was ok eventually
spent 35mins standing all in the name of waiting for a customer care person….and I thot GT bank was officially the worst bank try Llyods and like me, you will want to turn your back
slap if you want!
I wasn’t self pityin I was simply burnt and totally hated every minute I spent there… n I still do
To make matters worse their Christmas decorations were soooooo
The tree in a tiny corner had blue and green bows, blue green and silver balls and a huge silver and purple bow at the top of the tree
The last time I checked green and red were the lovely colours of Christmas….it still is
If they make efforts to impress their customers I haven’t noticed, tho their tv adverts are really catchy it totally ends there!

Met this older lady on the bus this evening, funny lady from South America. She told me one time on a long bus some woman in a big flowing skirt nicked of her bags that had cold chicken she bought from M&S and some other lovely stuff as well. She had like 4 heavy and full nylon bags with her when I met her so I said to her ‘u should get a trolley’ and she replied ‘I don’t want to look old’
I thot to my self…………………that one thing I really am freaked about looking old!!!!

I think there’s a sign on my forehead….which I can’t see…..that says ‘NOT ALLERGIC TO FREAKS; this girl welcomes all freaks aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!
So I was on a bendy bus to Stratford yesterday long ride tho but the breeze was good
Yes I was reading the London lite…about Paul Ince and OJ Simpson and other stuff in the paper that is printed with ink that wouldn’t stain your fingers and then these two freaks get on the bus……
I didn’t bother looking up cos the on I wasn’t interesting in hearing
‘wotchu lookin at innit?’……or wotever question I may be asked for lookin
it was, a little like the song two freaks, one freak and his dog and a bottle of … booze

black guy freakazoid
alcohol in public transports has been banned but I very sure the guy poured booze into the lucozade bottle he was holdin
he was spittin drunk and was jus makin noise…put his two legs on the pole in front of him, blow on his clarinet, shout mahn! At the end of every question or sentence he made…
the dog
…..a silly brown mutt that was eatin kebabs or some kind of cooked meat on a stick his master was eating and feedin from
next time you get on a bus make sure some dirty dog hasn’t warmed the seat u plan on warmin toooo
the dog was totally comfy sittin opposite me as his master kept spittin in the bus…oh my daiz!
White guy freakazoid
He was by my side…………after he settled in and made himself comfy in the bus he decided to sit with is legs spread wide apart i.e. push my own legs away with his
BGF put his leg between and said “u’ve got to share mahn! Innit? U’v got to share the seat”
I was stuck with them for like 20mins or more, twas terrible thanks to a gossip girl book I was reading I’ld hav joined their wagon n prob won’t b able to type this post
Who knows? lol!
Had my head completely down thru out getting glimpses over my forehead when the bus driver presses his breaks till…
The WGF elbowed me and asked me ‘when are we getting there?’
Getting where??????? We are not getting anywhere together!!!!!! Acted like I din’t hear wot he said n made him repeat himself 3 times by then BGF opposite had opened his eyes…
He said ‘shut up man! Wot the fuck is wrong with you mahn!?’how u goin be askin her? I said we have about 20mins bitch!?!
I totally needed these doo faces off the bus…..either me or them who goes first….lol!!!
They did get off eventually. boy was I sooooo glad…

Spent my upper Thursday… the 11th… queueing for about an hour at woolies…..we sure are goin to miss the old red and white store
Standing on the queue wasn’t so bad, we (me, the 5peeps in front of me and the 2 ladies behind)
So there was tall American-but-resides-in-london guy, American-guy-but-resides-in-Italy-guy who also speaks Japanese, Japanese girlfriend of American-guy-but-resides-in-Italy-guy, ‘the grandma’ and cute girl in front of me
Then behind me was lady-manager-of-a-morrison-store and her mum/sister/friend/cousin…….im not so sure which is…..lol!!!
Funny how so much about people you can get to kno on queues lol!!!!!
All I stood there to buy were 6bulbs and a pink radio…..lmao!!!! but it was ‘worth it!’ lol!


Buttercup said…
gosh, u had me laughing from top to bottom..i cant even remember what comment i wanted to type..lmao

not allergic to freaks

my girl
we needs to get on our knees and pray them freaks away!

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