technically no title

Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss!.......(like the way a snake with a forked tongue will say it e.g. Ka in the Jungle Book)
i jus found the cure to my itchy skin!!!!
ok not technically............cos it has been sittin on the shop rack smilin at me each time i passed it

i jus bought the cure to my itchy skin!!! n so far it has been fun workin with tacklin the itchiness ha!

had an interestin time at the Library yestaday sittin next to a FREAK!
he kept snickering to himself like a goblin
then at some point cut up pieces of sheets of paper n spread them all over.....then asked me if he was disturbin aagh!!!!
of cos i said no......fear of losin my head!
he later got up and i made the mistake of lookin back at him...........when he got back he came to me n was pointing to my stuff..............lookin for my mobile fone............aaaaagh!!!!
ok he said he jus wanted to confirm the time on my fone
i hav a watch HELLO!!! he could hav asked!!!..........

then he left again n came back to sit opposite me hmmm okaY!!!
one word n an exclamation - scary!
thank gracious when i left i wasn't followed

i'm on my way there again, today!!!!!
all i really want to do is read my books so i can pass!!!


this month!!!! has started wonderful.........the flygirl is sooo glad about lots of things


laspapi said…
It's 4am and I'm laughing to myself... 'snickering to himself like a goblin'
flygirlbidiish said…
lol!!! those enig blyton days!!!
Buttercup said…
Lol i miss my childhood!

Glad u found the cure for the itch o

Mehn i wuda gone n sat somewhere else..he does sound scary..
Anonymous said…
why were you itchy (^_^)????
flygirlbidiish said…
lol!!! kin' skin is really silly jus gets dry when it feels

@Buttercup...thanks... he looked scary too
La Reine said…
Glad scary-freak-boy didn't turn out to be a stalker, hunh?

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