musings yet again

I really go to read in the library….. I walk in pick a table pull out my books, place them on the table place my bag by the side of the chair take off my glasses and … get down to ‘reading’ how I notice every other thing beats me!!!

So yestaday I went to the library again …the security guy on duty was the lame doo-faced guy who has been askin me to hav ‘coffee’ or lunch with him … I don’t get wot part of the I’m not interested part the guy doesn’t get!!!!.....anyhow once the guy asked me if ‘we’ (I dunno who we are!!) were doin ‘coffee’ aagh!! Niceme smiles again n says NOT INTERESTED!! Then he says Ur lookin sweet today!!!.....i had to make a funny sound n raise my eyebrows….

N the guy was like yes its true!!!!

Gosh! Wot on earth!!?!?! SWEET!!!


… I wasn’t goin to let the doo-face guy spoil my day… once again where is my Library godmother when I need her!!.... to shut him up!!!

….well I thot I picked a good spot near the window…..a table for jus two people facin each other….

So guy number one comes… with pomp n noise…after much ado he settles into the chair n I’m thinking aaha!! The noise is over…. Actually it was jus the beginning!!

The rate at which he shakes the table… possibly….almost to depreciation point and he keeps murmuring to himself

GUY!!! I’m reading here also!!! Hello!!! I need to understand my own stuff not urs!!!

He finally goes after about n hour…

Enter guy number two….more noise, more shaking, and he adds ‘sniffing’ to the list!!...aaagh!!! after he goes I start wishin I had a sign that said SEAT IF U INTEND TO BE TRULY QUIET! OTHERWISE GO SOME PLACE ELSE.

Guy number three doesn’t make noise except the swishy swoshy noise from his jacket which he didn’t take off… he even said sorry when he hit the table

Guy number four…..was sooooo annoyin I felt like whacking him with my heavy book!!!

Apart from his ‘pre’ settling noise he kept slammin n hitting every hard object

Slammed his books on the table, slammed his bottle of water slammed his ringbinder…then he’ld zip n unzip wotever it was he kept zippin n unzippin…

The must annoyin thing was wot he kept vigorously erasing!!! Gosh I wondered if erasing jus became a very hard task!!

Maybe if my library godmother had been there she’ld say

‘young man if u keep bobbing ur head and erasing as hard as that u’ll b sorry!’

I was glad when I finally left he could shake n erase to his detriment!!! Aaagh!!!

beyounce's song .....if i were a boy!!! is like utter me tho!!!
and how come girls aloud are allowed to compare themselves with sugar babes!!! who listens to those women!!!! pffft!!!!


La Reine said…
Serious library action going on hmm?

-Girls Aloud aren't allowed to compare themselves to Sugar Babes! Who gave 'em d right?

*I hate dem so..*
Buttercup said…
LMAO! That sounded pretty annoyin! Damn..

LOL @ girls aloud..its true..WHO listens to them??
flygirlbidiish said…
may be eejits do lol!!!! i'll be a bad PR if i worked for Girls aloud

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