musings from the library....

…..i do roughly 2 hours at the lib 9:30-11:50….then I go home eat lunch n watch Mr. Monk solve a case…….. that guy is….

So my morning period was normal… left … changed seats

Everything was normal…… then two girls come in n they are all talks!!

The library's much more noisier than my house..the phones, the sounds from hootin horns, people talking people walkin up n down, people sneezing, people typin,keys jingling… almost every available type of noise exits there… sadly I hav to go there cos there hav only uncomfortable chairs n no beds lol!!! That makes me study study n study!

Anyways the girls are talking as much as they are writin…

So this old lady comes, picks a newspaper n sits next to me

The girls keep talking n writin

… the lady seems to hav had it….she goes

‘ladies please this is a library, n the lady by my side is studying’… OMD!!

Lol the funny thing is they shut up! N the problem which was provin difficult to solve jus became easy! I solved it! Yay!!!

Well she later left n of cos the noise resumed tho…

Some couple came to sit opposite me…..the girl was totally checkin her face out in a compact mirror…ish!!! …they came with noise also…nylon rummaging noise n can opening noise aaagh!!! Where’s my library godmother when I need her? Lol!!

So I’m reading Marian Keyes…..’under the duvet’….u can say it….i’m soo late….but I love the book…I’ll share some funny part..

…there’s the part where she’s in berlin with her minder n they pass a bombed out old church, she asks wat that is, her minder says

a monument to the futility of war…

then on her way to the deutschradio for a live show they pass a huge abstract sculpture, she asks wat that is, her minder says

a monument to the sorrow of war

then goin back to their hotel, they pass a crowd of people gathered around something on the ground, she asks wat that is, her minder says

a monument to the sadness of war

then on their to a night’s reading, they pass a big silver building which happens to be a Jewish museum, she asks wat that is, her minder says

a monument to the abhorrence of war….

So Marian Keyes says: the reading went great. then out for dinner… on their way back to hotel they pass a crisp packet lyin on the pavement, she asks wat that is, her minder says

…a monument to the grief of war…oh no! it’s a crisp packet lmao!!!!! Her minder must hav been pretty tired!

...back to my library musings......I needed to stand up…then I remembered I was goin to check the meanin of ‘altruism’ so twas a good excuse to wander about in the lib in search of a dictionary… came across ‘a dictionary for rhymes’ caught my fancy n I looked thru for some seconds then I spotted a guy who worked there so I asked for where the normal dictionaries were kept…

He points them out then we walk over there together all the while he’s bickering…I’m smiling…I hav totally switched off

Then I pick a random dictionary n he’s still talking…I keep smiling…he points at one and says this is for people who are learning English, easy to understand blah blah blah!!!

Do I look like I’m learning English here!!! I jus had it… I told him all I need to do is find the meanin of the word!!! Ish!!!....he was bein an eejit! Lol!!!


Buttercup said…
LOL...seems like theres never a dull moment in that library..

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