there goes mister micheal

really sad micheal jackson passed away at 2:26pm LA time......25 June 50years of age......
the skin issues, the surgeries et al didn't make him any more immortal......
he was born on august 29, 1958.......Gen 3:19.......and unto dust shalt thou return

so what did i like about micheal.....?
I liked his voice..... he never spoke with a raised voice always quite and subtle
lovely guy too, great talent and all
but lovely guy the press would always be nasty...

my heart goes out to his mother most especially, she'll be heartbroken and surely devastated
i do hope she gets all the strength she needs
i hope Latoya gets strong too, she ran into the hospital with so much pain and tears
i hope janet gets strong too she really adored her brother
i hope his children don't feel left out and i do hope they get comfort they need
i hope his family get even more united

i was savin for a ticket for his summer tour...............well HMV will up the prices of his albums so i better shift focus

good bye mister micheal, we'll remember ur subtle voice in our own life times too
good night mister micheal rest in peace now....


BSNC said…
Goodbye MJ. May your soul rest in peace...
may his soul rest in peace.

Hope all is well with you and yours.

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