some things

yesterday i was feelin nostaglic, listenin to some good ......some old .....some like
all the small things - blink 182
just to get by - Talib
kosoronmbe - dipp
kiss me thru the phone - sbt
i had JLS new single playing
there was sparks new single too battlefield or something like that
We made u, turn by turn and return a favour and a couple of others,
my best is some new song i hear everyday........i'm still 'unbothered' about the title nor its singer
but the chorus is catchy................what will my daddy say! o o o o!........

and this day - i am absolutely hating this day!!
its my lack of concentration i want to blame............can't seem to
i'm not interested in doin anything apart from chewing on dry crackers
i used up all my enthusiasm yesterday and today's sunny but gloomy
" what a drag" - shinkamaru
tried listening to dipp again, its just not working
some things...


chayoma said…
u have got to snap out of it!
Think warm thots,
GET UP! take a shower, play dancehall kinda songs, up beat stuff that would keep u moving, eat and go enjoy the day!
(that is what i have planned)
Anonymous said…
what's his name?
flygirlbidiish said…
chayoma i did jus that.......i started with keri hilson n T's return a favour and the music jus kept playing then i learnt a new thing on the new corel draw and had a good presentation, they liked the designs i came up with and really the day rocked!

ochuko.....sad to say i'm still too selfish to let a 'guy' get me low......hey i'm still tryin to get over a crush here :-)!!
Anonymous said…
flygirl, hmmm.. trying 2 get over a crush..? he must have been a really powerful guy :-)
How you dey?

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