hope?????? u tell me

i'm havin one of those days ............. with my head pounding, my eyes heavy and i'm utterly unhappy
an indescribable 'cutting' pain is tugging at my chest
i don't want to hear about anything especially hope
people........................i hav no love for any one..............let them stay out of my tuff
may be i'll truly smile real smiles again, but not jus now
who knows i'll laff from deep down again.........will it be tomorrow the 4th? or the other tomorrow they talk about all the time
everything is going on by,
some at a fast pace
others at a steady pace
yet still some maintain their own pace
me? i've got no place
can i pray?
i'll be back when my help does come forth


Anonymous said…
Even here too? my comment no dedey show na, wetin happen?

Well sha if this one enters, I wanted to let you know that there truly is hope... sure the headache n stuff's all gone now and you're truly smiling :)..

On the pace people are going? Just know that we are running "different races"

Your help cometh from God.. Cheers
flygirlbidiish said…
thanks :-)!! Ochuko, i'm truly grateful

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