.....jus me bein more than me

.........even tho i claim to b 1 of the world's hugest unromantic........
i'm still a cute heart sometimes
here's sending out a happy note.......

to buttercup and chari......
my real star -blogged- studded couple
who really make romantic seem like a lovely one...
far apart as the knee is to the face...
the distance is only for a while...
may ur journey be as smooth as silk
may ur days be as warm as milk {ok i got this part from a movie}

to tosyn and bebe.....
two very interesting friends i so admire
strong willed and very determined
may they find the one true love they each seek
and live the real fairy tale.....
happily ever and simply still happy

to my boss sagie....who is sooo in luv
awww bliss...
may her efforts b crowned
may she eat the good of the land

to ochuko....a real talent in photography
{i hope he doesn't stop takin pictures}
a really deep but unreadable person
who teaches me stuff in weirdly funny ways {i still remember the phi thingy}
may his harvests always be in abundance

to my homegirl.....n
my saner side who always curbs my sheer craziness
may our happiness never be squashed
may our joys always b surplus

to M.I
that short black boy i met one day
whose flows i'll listen to for many days to come
may he always be the mr.Incredible he is
may his talent never be daunted

to gomey.....yes!!!! u lol!!!
and our justice league friendship
still dark and a little twisted....
may your labour never be in vain
may you learn to smile from deep within

to my grandma...who thot she'll never smile again
real smiles come from deep within
and joy always comes in the mornin
may her heart desires be granted
may she continue to hold on to that one true happiness

to posh n becks.... mere humans with the celebrity status
may they keep their family life away from the pryin press
who's always lookin for a downfall

to my family and friends who still stick up with me even when i go all moody and quiet
may happiness be ever yours
and God cause his face to shine upon you

to kuzco.......a real friend i miss dearly.....may his days be filled with light

and to those good people i always talk about......may goodness and mercy always be there for them

to me......flygirl and the starbucks hot chocolate i plan on havin at LVIL............oooooooooo


Anonymous said…
Awwwww.. this is totally romantic.. totally!!

Thanks for the very kind words.. It's actually one of the firsts I got today :D
[and it's you who teaches me stuffs - like conquering fear of boat rides :), seeing life from interesting angles and breaking out of hard shells...]

I agree with you on Buttercup & Chari too - here's my warm wishes to them :)

..And here's to you.. May you continue to FLY high with minimal efforts - and also find LOVE and Favour everywhere you go.. and more!!

Enjoy ur day to the MAX :-)!!!!!
Bebe said…
Awww sweetyyy ..

i really want to come to this LVIL place
mike said…
lol. very lovely.
Buttercup said…
awwwwwww sweetie, arent u the sweetest??? thanx so much! :)

i wish u all the happiness n success u deserve! mwah!!! i hope u get to go to LVIL o..

thanx ochuko!

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