its a holiday...

slept a little late last night..........i was watchin a couple of neighbours build a snowman.........besides they were really making noise. the snow man ended up not turnin out right tho lol!!!!!

didn't actually plan to go further than the library its a holiday.......the trees look all cute covered in white ice and not green leaves

its been snowin all morning, buses have been cancelled,flights hav been cancelled and some tube lines

my friend and i made it to a station but we had to turn back home so on our way home we 'popped into somerfield' for a couple of supplies and got talkin with the only staff at the till...........funny thing is she's been servin me on my last three visits or there about....weird!!!

anyways she lives in barking and has to travel all the way each day, she said she stood at the bus stop for 45mins around 4am when no bus came forth, she walked to the station,cos there were minor delays she had to take the central line and the circle line and the trains were packed full. To sadden her day she forgot her brolly on the train..........i so do not envy her on
days like this........(not like there actually many like this).........i am glad i don't hav to rush off to work........thankfully i'm still on my real holiday
its really quiet cept for a few cars bracing up and crunchin in the snow........its all grey white and muddy today!!
my heart goes out to some boxer who was stabbed on his way to visit his wife and new born son at the hospital......he stabbed in front of his 3 yr old daughter........really sad


ochuko said…
all this snow tales..and i avnt seen a live one yet!.. ok that's my resolution for dec'09... lol
flygirlbidiish said…
lol!!!! america seems to hav the real snow tales....
here everyone was lookin for a paid excuse off work
Buttercup said…
u guys over there r lucky o!

wow, i feel for the cruel is that???

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