olmeca ad playing

so i have just completed my first 24 hours stretch working on some illustrations
I don't feel tired but my voice has gone completely deep

got a cup of ovaltine to send me to bed...

it has been real. I have youtube keeping me company, hence the title of my post, the Olmeca Tequila ad just came up

Anyone watched the olympics? Me being the sports fan watched a couple of games
then i 2 weeks ago i got tied into the illustrations i have been working on and life happened too

I love you Brasil regardless of bad press and other nonsense but somehow I kept going back to Beijing...this time it is for real, I promise myself to be in Japan come 2020
I will be team Naruto there too

Here's to tonight's rain..., this morning's rain, my laptop battery at 5%, the cool ting that is Wacom and a great week ahead...


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