and Rio 2016 isn't in the near future anymore

I am so excited, yes you know how i went on about being in Brazil this season... well
i am so far from Brazil as I type.

To be honest being a Nigerian in Lagos at this moment and these olympic tales have been *sigh* chaos, being a Brazilian in Brazil now sounds like even more chaos. I say this as the honorary brazilian i like to think i am :)

tales of strandedness and the lack of proper planning, tales of teargas and demonstrations *sigh* again

zapping all that olympics happiness i tell you...

I am still excited...
glad for the 'dream time' - landed, played and succeeded...
opening ceremony in a few...
I still think Beijing's was a thrill, loved London 2012, and honestly twas a good time to be in London
lemme go back to London 2012, cancelled trains, alternative bus routes, construction woes... and then the olympics and then after the olympics and things just went by

O Brasilia, please make this work, obrigado!

here's to an amazing games season, to joys of winning and fears of missing qualifiers, to kissing medals and breaking records, to thanking God

Let the games begin...

PS: get the Nigerian National Anthem right


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