Odourless, colorless

We welcomed the first rains yesterday with gladness.
Did we get to dance in the rain, no but we were glad it fell mightily.
It fell in the morning as we went about our businesses, oblivious to those who  had no protection... But we had prepared and we welcomed the first rains...

Remember how water was defined in primary school intergrated science class? Hence, my title.

Writing prose in an African way will be fun. Yes it rained yesterday and some people were beaten by the rain.
I always look forwards to the first rains I am the grand child of a farmer so I guess I have learned to watch out for...

January has gone on by, tis the month of "agbalumo" here and mangoes will soon start popping up soon. The fruits cycle...

I have amazing news I hope will get even better, happily looking forward to October already *smiles*

I was foolish to have a conversation with someone, a couple of months ago, who's it appears loves going about with tall tales. I have learnt my lesson, no to the weight unfriendly friends bring.

I almost had a sugar slip. Lord knows I didn't believe I could continue. This morning I learnt about conviction and how it works along side discipline. I have tirelessly squeezed oranges since the 3rd of the month. My stomach muscles it seems are getting toned lol.

Ps: don't spend quality time pleasing everyone, you may pick up a disease in the cause of...


T.Notes said…
Why do i sense some subtle symbolism beneath these words?
Either ways,welcome to your new seasons...and happy new year:)
flygirlbidiish said…
I am innocent @T.Notes, a happy 2016 to you as well

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