living warped but living still 3

I'm not a people's person when I choose not to be or when I am just tired of the people. I need to unlearn some of these habits that are just not good...

One of my goals this year is adopting 'niceness' simply put as being nice.

It's the first working day and I have to pretend I am particularly glad about seeing some people. Don't misunderstand me I just don't want to have to work with them. I guess i am being uppity and I have to suck it in.

It's going to be tough, this goal of mine. Unlearning things are harder than learning I have come to know. 
It's just a start, clash of two determinations..., I'll rise 

I'm also ditching unfriendly friends with their mentally straining conversations and emotional brouhaha Lol. I took those words out of my mom's vocabulary. 

I am excited about the year, events coming up, travel plans and projects to carry out. Here's to actions and achievements...

Goal #3 & #4

Ps: I enjoy watching Productjunkiexozo's YouTube vlogs, 2 years it has been


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