smell good for a purpose

The world we know is different everyday...
 there are wars, political unrests, rumours of wars, famine, motor accidents, diseases with very expensive cures or cures not yet found, pain (lots of it) I shall not dwell on that...
As we are now in a place where worldly happiness is getting expensive...
You have the choice to hope for good things or resign to some there-will-always-be-bad-things-fate
and so today i will be promoting Herbal Essences shampoos and conditioners and how they make your hair smell good. Why have I deviated, why do i need such products and what is this girl on about; you ask?
1. You have a purpose - whether you know it or not; whether you like it or not
2. You can only do your part to impact the world 'where you are'
3.  If you don't do your part, you will be this is bad
How you look and how you smell affects some of the things you do *shrugs* believe it or not. How your hair smells is part of how you smell. Even the Bible, in Ecclesiastes says a little cologne is good.
Ok, your point exactly *you are thinking*
My point is 'give herbal essences hair products a try'

Why!? Because it makes your hair smell good, which makes you smell good, which affects the way you think about yourself, which affects the way your carry yourself, which affects the way you come up with your ideas, which affects the way you carry out your ideas so that you are focused, your focus affects your purpose (daily and the overall life's purpose)

So regardless of the world's problems...these will keep piling up...determine to do your own good part

Ps; i am going thru changes, i don't like the dude who sits by my side cos he keeps snooping into my business...
God is real and he loves you!

ps again; i only use herbal essences...i buy them with money i earn... Lol


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