A lesson learned

the ponderings on life and what it is made up have continued for me in the last couple of days as the different things happen daily...
Pleasing the customer in a way that isn't simply 'customer service' but customer appreciation should be the new competitive edge
On that note, if you're looking to have a lovely Sunday lunch out somewhere, I will suggest 'The Orchid Bistro' in GRA ikeja
Customer service can be taught but customer appreciation is stuff, like charity, person begins that practice at home.
At home where family is and friends also help in their little ways.
Friends, family.... on this issue I have learned
Some family is just about 'blood relatives' and you really don't care for those ones
The true friendship bond is a lot thicker than blood
Friends turned family are hope-bringers
There are frenemies and fenemies...
Keep your frenemies close and the fenemies very far from you
Frenemies make you strong, fenemies suck out life.... Your call, choose wisley
Even the bible talks about the friend who sticks closer than a brother

Ps; I am glad about the month of August; I am always glad, it is the month of the bravest womenfolk, the month of the strong, the birth month of my Ma and my Grandma 

Ps again; I have learnt also, life's about shedding off the weight of people who don't wish you well. They have no place in your heart. Ensure you fill your heart with those Amazing people who genuinely like you and help to improve you. 

Life's too short to spend it with people who are looking out for your downfall


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