psalm share

my mom tells me to read the at least 5 chapters in the Bible's book of the Psalms each day ..............truthfully i don't.........
but i'll share psalm 16 i read in this last week
and you could read it too

watched the Ugly truth yestaday oooooooooooooooooooooo and with laspapi too
hav a good week peeps
goin off to get my hair did!!!


Mcrazy said…
My mum tells me to do that too!!
Especially the Psalms..

You should though and try to like ask God to help you understand.I find that when one just picks up the Bible to read without hoping to understand or asking for the help of the Holy Spirit it becomes like a chore..

ANyway goodluck with that!
laspapi said…
You're so fly... enjoyed the movie (and the company) immensely

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