eh hen! i'm meant to stay away till after my exams.................ish!! i jus couldn't help it most esp when i seem to be attractin the wrong type of guys- Old men!!! hello!!!!
yestaday i was standing in front of a super market quite early- 6:58am for a saturday mornin cos i need to buy food but not miss kim possible, and some guy-old man walks up to me and asks when ithe store would open pointed at the sign that said 7am as i spoke, later in the store the guy walks up to me and asks where i am from...........Proudly Naija ha-ha!!!! and then he goes 'do you hav a boyfriend!?! aaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!!!!!! because i like you' WHAT!!!!!!
on my way to church this morning .............decided to watch batman till 9:25 so i was 15min late to i was walkin hurriedly some guy appears by my side

silly beardy guy: 'hello miss i think we'v met before
my humble fly self: shook me head meanin OH NO we havn't
silly beardy guy: er ok sorry i think your beautiful
my humble fly self: er thank you
silly beardy guy: can i have your number
my humble fly self: shook me head again meanin OH NO u can't
silly beardy guy: ok can i give u mine
my humble fly self:shook me head again again meanin HELL NO!!!!
silly beardy guy: ok then see you again

WHAT nonsense!!!!!!!

i bought a pair of 'ritchie' style sunglasses a couple of weeks so i can completely hide my face
my most important must hav this summer!!! seems to be doin a good job tho
but i think i hav to write on my forehead..................this girl doesn't handle crap!!!!!eh he!!
man-united rocks!!!!!!! yay!!!!


Phoenix said…
lol @ the old me bothering you.
A fine girl is a fine girl is a fine girl.
As for the glasses, 2 words I WANT!!!
Good luck with your exams
Mcrazy said…
LOL..You watch kim possible?R u serious?Yea Phoenix is write a guess a fine girl is a fine girl, there isn't much you can do about it.
Mcrazy said…
Omg,see how I just murdered my comment..smh...I meant Phoenix is right* I guess*..pheww...
flygirlbidiish said…
P lol!!! ur right oh!!!
Mcrazy :-)!! .... more like i lurv kim possible

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