those strange words....

.....good bye....those strange words

saying good bye sometimes is heart ripping
when u don't even want to say it
esp because the person to who u are sayin it can't reply
or can't particularly hear them
ur lips part to say the words
only a whisper comes out
it doesn't even sound like u r making much sense

good bye.......but why, u ask

i am still glad that 2008 is past now
the whole year felt as heavy as lead on my skinny shoulders
so much saddness so much anguish and pain and unwanted good byes

i am having a wonder year this year
i am goin to be strong and keep being strong
happy, rejoicing and thankful
2009 is goin to be a blessed year
i am goin to be at rest in my Saviour's Bossom

i look over my left shoulder and think did i actually pass thru 2008
then i look over the right and remember all the previous years up until '07
then i fix my gaze up, the light shines in my face
'it is well with my soul'

i am happy again


wow, very nice. Thank you for sharing this.

Happy New Year!
Anonymous said…
what a lovely is well with my soul as well....

Happy New Year o...
Buttercup said…
aww i loved this! im happy u r happy hon..

happy new year!!!!
flygirlbidiish said…
:-)!!!! thanks you so much
Happy New year!!!!

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