a ha!!!! i'm honestly sorry

lol!!!!!!! i havn't kept my "online" diary since the year began.......ie by rantin on my blogspot

but so many stuff hav..........so happened........got the details in my red diary tho.........like the dude who sat in near my mom on our flight back from london kept starrin at melol twas sooo funny

bet he thot i was 17 bythe way i was wearin my little brother's "vans on the wall" lol!!!!!

ny ways since i got back i hav seriously felt like quitin work not cos i'm lazy!!!!!

i could try to b sometimes tho,

but cos i feel i'm not in the ryte place minus the free internet i'm really wonderin wot i'll miss

ok the dead dog's spot will always b remembered

london was fun there was really no "exceptionally" cute dudes that caught my eyes

but i had fun with my friends n family n those certain strange days i went out on my own

i totally hated the cigarette smells but the sheesha was't soo bad

back to since i came back!

..............the leech began to irritate me more than ever n now the termite has join in the stupid show!!!!! which i am so not havin.......................she's actin kyk my house is her studio/one room apartment euk!!!!!!!!

the leech lied that "it" for to me she has ceased to b worth addressin her as her......... will b travellin on a plane to another town n wen i checked the timetable it was a non-exsistent flight

lol!!!!! i'm in a sour mood so i'll print the time table n show my parents not becos i'm nasty or something but becos i don't appreciate .....er...em i dunno sicko!-liars besides i want her out of my place

i didn't ask her to come in neither did my parents n she has becom a household irrit lol!!!! poo!! wot a shame!!!!

as for the termite she treads on her brain can't be-little myself to talk about that one

...............so about me again my friend "the tweet" is gettin married awwww!!!! to her boyfriend of quite a long tym!!!!!! we all went out while he was in the country (the tweet is her title by the way!!! i gav her........jus so u know)

anyways went for a houseparty on saturday didn't know who's stuff twas till i got there n found out esty's friend.........i met on one bogof tuesday.......brother was doin throwin the party n esty came OMG!!!!!!!!!

ok front!!!!don't panic(gee i'm too big for that) don't smile too much (aargh!!! i do that all the tym, grinnin from ear to ear) so this tym we xchanged numbers ok this is crazy!!!!!

i wonder why the events of my life are kinda different from tv n books not even like the O.C. that i so love

so the house party was fun n i over-stayed an hour n a half after i was meant to hav left

well i was "horoscopin" again, i was born in the year of the rat n guess who my friends are the dragon n the MONkey!!!!! asty is a monkey!!!!! geez i'm at work like ryte now n i'm findin it had to do anything tangible i'm sooo glad the tym's flyin

numb3rs has been fun been wathin it allover since i got back n i watched the laanites yestaday

ooooooooo i was so glad xander is helpin felicity with the case vanesa is jeally and guess who hooked up while i wasn't watchin

diedrick n san-mari!!!!!! oooooo!!!!! n guess who's in love wit who!!!! mandla n alyce

i think the next hook-up will b helena n jan-hendrick btw matron now works in the bookshop

i wonder wot form the next twist of my life will bring!!!! i can't wait sef

took a swag of coca-cola my head feels light like the left side of my brain jus took a holiday!!!!!!!!

well i'm off to concentrate at work on tryin to act busy!!!!


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