black lives matter, what is your real take? pt1.

When you take a moment to think about life in general, it feels like your heart is about to lift mount Everest! You may think in parts, the weight is still err weighty

Life is bitter sweet sometimes, totally sweet sometimes, wholesomely bitter sometimes too.

This issue of killing people - Black, Dark skin, of African heritage didn't begin today, or even in this century. The rot goes a long long way and the fact that society has unashamedly pushed down this race/class of people has made it even worse off.

My heart goes out to families who have been thrown into deep dark mourning because of trigger happy men. They need divine comfort

When did Black lives stop mattering that people need to be reminded now that Black lives matter?

This is heavy...

The other day at Taruwa, M.I said there is an agenda against black people, i began to ponder on why he said so...

current events hav pushed these thots i am penning down

The slave Era preached these messages
1. Black, Dark skin, of African heritage were not better than animals and hence they can be traded off like commodity and yes they were sold, like commodity, used like animals and treated as worthless.
2. By the colonial times those left behind in the continent were incapable of being 'civilised' like other certain races and so needed to be moulded. Barbarians in need of refinement. Savages lacking culture

These two messages have affected generations (regardless of what part of the world they live{d}) who have passed away, generations present today and will continue to affect generations to come (except something is done)

The summary of this messages have been that a certain race has had their REAL SELF WORTH taken away, and the race as one cannot amount to any good per say

This has affected marriages, affected the relationships between husbands and wives, the relationships between mothers and sons, the relationships between mothers and daughters, the relationships between fathers and sons, the relationships between fathers and daughters; how they behave in society, how society should welcome them... many many things.

The conversation continues...


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