June and half the year is gone

CloseUp naija herbal toothpaste is not for me. If it good for you please keep buying so I get Unilever dividends  😋

Well I never did get to Brazil for this World Cup 😂 but Rio 2016 is another opportunity 

Instagram OMD, would I say at Heaven's gates, I wasted some quality time trolling on IG, liking pictures and all-what-not 😇
Spain..... should I go all dramatic!?😑 Brazil's Samba boys...⚽ so far so good.... so far so good

I just got Herbal Essences Morrocan my shine, dunno if I'd prefer it to the Honey I'm strong. Till then, I will recommend Honey I'm strong because you will love it!

Think like a man too... Is coming out/ has come out... depends on where you are
I believe every lady needs to read that book, every 6 months you know just in case you forget something
Read it! Read it! Read it!


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