in view of these things

Funny how every certain number of years there occurs the 'end of the world' movement...
*shrug* it is funny to me
It is by so called Christians; rather sad too....
A bible passage that has been on my mind since i read about this movement is  Romans 12:3
"don't think of yourself more highly than you" paraphrased... 
They make Christianity all about fear and not all about Love. They also make it some kind of huge joke, these so caled Christians. Being a Christian is so not calculating figures and dates from the book of Daniel and then putting fear in the hearts of other men. My friend and I had a conversation about it, initially I hard a "no comment" stand on it then seating in the library later I began to type this post. 
I just remembered...there's a bible passage that says the heart of man is desperately wicked...
I am not saying that this present world won't come to an end. I am believing my bible that says no man knows the day, nor the time, nor the hour. I am believing my bible that says only the Father knows. I am believing my bible that says watch and pray. I am believing my bible that speaks about false prophets.
 There is a huge difference between Being heaven-focused and simply talking about the "end of the world". The former is all about Love. The latter, if not placed side by Side with the former is about fear.
Someone tweeted "I can't believe this rapture crap is actually on the news right now... We are all still here, and crazy christians are still crazy..." I say they are not crazy christians, they are Not christians in the first place.    
"don't think of yourself more highly than you ought to...."
it is not about self....... even I am learning this daily, heck I still have my flaws...but in Christ I am made new


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