ever watched chip n dale rescue rangers? lurved it when i was much younger...
got the title from the intro song

so initially i was going to blog about my friday afternoon, more like rant and all but thankfully twas under control and i got to learn psalm 139:14 and psalm 34: 13

got my blogging mojo back... sorta...

so instead of the bad rant stuff, a little about me
i am going back to my 'only like tall guys phase' in shorter words, any guy taller than me by more than 3 inches and counting
lmao, ok seriously, only tall guys henceforth... It was nice knowing you all but naa this babe is going back 'tall' true talk! I'm not being a classic joke

Going to read the new Lee Child soon, thanks to my friend, who really just gives me books out of the blues *wide tooth grin*
been stocking up on my tintin collection too i am getting there. The new transformers
movie is going to be nice as well, all gadgetary - is there a word like that?

sometimes i am the regular girl
sometimes i am more than just that regular word
sometimes i act all tough, sometimes i become a super hero
sometimes i smile when the last thing i want to do is show my teeth
sometimes i cry even when it solves nothing
sometimes i jump sometimes i shrug sometimes i am elated
sometimes i get pissed off, a little ticked off
sometimes i am silent, the words never make it past my tongue
sometimes just sometimes
these things happen sometimes

the FlygirL


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