i was goin to blog about....me havin a great week so far...minus the lack of sleep...
rant a bit about the X-factor,lurving J.L.S,wanting those twins out of the competition, danni actually cracked a joke last saturday while talkin to the twins....she said
"for a split second seems you guys needed a sat nav to find you way back to the lyrics of your songs"
...me walking into my gp's office the other day and she shouting with glee "you are going to be 25,i'm signing u up for cervical screening" gosh!!! yeah Dr. Y remind me i'm getting old or older, you choose.
...me fallin into like with "love"......i don't believe in all that 'being in love'....bs however its the concept of it in some books,i'v been reading secrets by Freya North, its somewhat overwhelming n ish...
not my type of book dunno why i even picked it from the shelf at the library....anyways the rest is history...me watching a play i was unsure of but i totally lurvd...

..........till i got irritated...then miffed...and it won't go away, even after speaking with my home girl........well i had to rant it off my chest...seemed it still stayed on...
i hate arguing unnecessarily and with very well dim people (here you are thinking who doesn't?)...i'm not a fan of 'raised voices' or totaly waste of time talking with people with twisted thought patterns...(now you are thinking jus' go to the point)
i called a man razz and uncouth...he does razz and uncouth things,he shows no respect to those around him and at times speaks because he has a mouth and can make sounds and yes he has some level of education...some... so i called him razz and next thing this dim dweeby guy starts telling me 'well the man has money, blah-de-blah....i can't believe i even stood there to listen....made sure i stressed the part of the man being razz and uncouth oh yea the dim dweeby guy couldn't pronounce "uncouth"...but still i was pissed with me...atleast i taught him a new word n its pronounciation
...the guy has always struck me as one of types of people with some form of complex,
he tries so hard to 'be'...er wot he even isn't...
yea he's also one of those nigerians that try so hard to speak in some 'ye-ye' accent
all because for this "JAND SOJOURN" he says "bruff" whatever that means and jus shells irrelevantly in his sentences...."there's me always wanting to shout "it's BRUV" geezer! pronounced as its spelt, nothing major ish!
so finally i've push away being crossed with me......lol can't be crossed with me for long all i've got is ... me!... geez i sound like KUZCO!!! that disney cartoon character guy...
i'm cool now,topping my music list this week is have a baby by me 50 Cents ft ne-yo and Chris Brown's transform you,Lil wayne sure does look silly...as usual...but still u've jus got to like him...hey Weazy, much lurv
i've still got my silly crush on Jason......he he....and still waitin....

ps:does any one out there watch flash forward!!!???


Anonymous said…
Hi, showing some love on your blog after the long absence.. lol.. trust u're doing fine :)
flygirlbidiish said…
lol.....i'm fyn thanks
hope u've been good to
we should talk before the year runs out
need to get my ochuko dose for the new year :-)

ps:i have been absent from my own blog too

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